Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Memorial to the holocaust and stark reminder
of the consequences of human hatred

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The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp north of Berlin existed from July 12, 1936 until the end of World War II. Initially created to imprison political opponents, Sachsenhausen Camp was later used as a training ground for the Holocaust.

As guides licensed by the Concentration Camp Memorial of Sachsenhausen, we will guide you through the historical buildings and the informative exhibition. We will provide important details about the tragic history of courageous men and women, and provide an insight into life within the interment site.

Your excursion to the concentration camp near Berlin will take you through the Jewish Barracks, the Appelplatz roll call area, the prison, the pathology and hospital buildings as well as Station Z.

Visiting a former Nazi Concentration Camp is one of the most important things to do during your trip to Berlin. Sachsenhausen’s accessibility and importance as a centre for education and reconciliation makes it a day that is impossible to forget for a very long time.

Negative Corona test for guides provided upon request

Sachsenhausen Memorial
Private Guided Tour

Guided tour covering the history of the camp and an in depth overview of the concentration camp system.


Sachsenhausen was a concentration camp near Berlin in operation during the years or The Third Reich. Accompanied by your professional tour guide, you will be guided through this site of horror. During your tour the structure and processes of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as well as the system of concentration camps will be discussed. The Sachsenhausen concentration camp played a special role among the camps of the Holocaust and was built according to a “geometry of total terror”. The concentration camp was built in the form of an isosceles triangle, grouped around the main Tower A. Today it is a German memorial of national and international importance.

The private Sachsenhausen tour provides many background facts relating to the Holocaust and the methodical and deadly cruelty used in the Sachsenhausen camp. During your private tour you will be given the opportunity to contemplate this particularly dark chapter of German history, learn individual stories and visit the barracks, the roll call area, the prison and the hospital as well as station Z, the exit which none of the detainees left alive.

The private Sachsenhausen tour is available to all individual groups and families. The tour conveys valuable information and provides moments of personal examination of the particularly tragic history of this historical place of horror. Listen to heroic survival stories of prisoners and anecdotes from insidious SS officers. The Sachsenhausen concentration camp was an important command center for the entire system of the concentration camps and is probably the most intense of the Berlin sights regarding the events of Holocaust and history of the Third Reich.

In 1936, the year of the Nazi Summer Games, Sachsenhausen became the concentration camp model, and formed the basis for the designs of subsequent camps. It stands as a physical manifestation of Nazi and SS ideology and a record of the crimes of the era.

Around 200,000 inmates passed through the "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign at the entrance, and tens of thousands were killed in conditions of extreme brutality.

Your visit to the Sachsenhausen camp includes time in the Jewish barracks, the kitchens and laudatic block, the Appelplatz-Rennfeld, the camp prison, the pathology and hospital buildings as well as the train station Z - the training area and killing center.

Although less well known than Auschwitz and Dachau, The camp became a training ground for the SS and the site of the headquarters of the whole concentration camp system.. Understanding the conditions of the camp and the experiences of the inmates is fundamental to understanding the realities of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime.

Sachsenhausen was also used as a 7/1 Soviet special camp in 1945, and another 60,000 prisoners were housed here in the following five years, with 12,000 threatened with hunger, illness and ill-treatment.

Opened as a memorial by the East German authorities in 1961, Sachsenhausen is a prime example of a single location used by multiple regimes for purposes of punishment and propaganda.

For this and many other reasons, we believe that a guided tour of the camp monument is a necessity.  

Sachsenhausen Private Tour Itinerary

  • Why the Nazis established Sachsenhausen and the concentration camp system
  • How the SS used the execution complex at Sachsenhausen to perpetrate acts of mass murder, including the killing of 10,000 Soviet POWs in 1941. (Visit the foundations of the mass execution facility, Station Z)
  • Learn how some Jewish prisoners survived by working in the forgery workshop, counterfeiting millions of pounds sterling
  • See the oldest intact concentration camp barracks at the infirmary as well as the pathology lab where prisoners were subject to horrifying medical experiments
  • Hear stories about attempted escapes from the camp
  • How the conditions in the camp worsened in 1939 and visit the barracks where many of the thousands of Jewish prisoners were sent after the so-called “Kristallnacht”
  • The “death marches” at the end of the war and the liberation of the camp by the Soviet Red Army
  • How the Soviets turned Sachsenhausen into a Special Camp for their own enemies after the war, who they imprisoned, and the fate of these prisoners

Memorial Tour

Please remember to bring water with you, some food and wear comfortable shoes. Please also consider the weather; you can check a weather forecast by opening this link.

As the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial site is a cemetery and place of unimaginable suffering, we of course ask you to be respectful by not smoking, drinking, eating, or being loud during your visit. 

An ABC Transit card is required - €10 per person, €26.50 for groups of up to five persons, your guide will help you buy the correct pass on the day

There is a café onsite serving light snacks located in the New Museum. It is also possible to consume your own food and drink on the premises of the café. As well as the café, a bistro is located in front of the Visitor Information Centre.

The contents and pictures presented in the exhibitions and on the Memorial site are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. The educational content of the Memorial site is directed at pupils from 14 years of age.

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