Cold War Berlin

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The Rise and Fall of Communist East Germany

At the heart of The Cold War

Unlike any other place in Europe, the Berlin Wall symbolised the division of the continent into East and West for the duration of the Cold War. Until 1989, the so-called Iron Curtain, which resembled a front line of war, twisted through Berlin's streets and the lives of its citizens.

On this 4 hour private guided tour, your professional and specialist guide will take you on an unforgettable journey through the streets of the Cold War capital.

Explore the former Soviet sector of Berlin, hear stories about life behind the Iron Curtain. Learn how the GDR and the Stasi (State Security), the largest spy network the world has ever seen, maintained control over their population for 40 years. Hear exciting spy stories from MI6, the CIA and the KGB.

Walk along Bernauer Strasse, the famous site of many fascinating escape attempts and view the death strip from above.

The East German government had begun sealing off the East German border to West Germany as early as 1952, making it increasingly dangerous to flee directly to the West. Many chose to take advantage of the last means of escape, and reached West Germany by crossing the sector borders through to West Berlin.

In the early hours of August 13, 1961, Berliners living in the east of their city were awakened by the moaning of heavy machinery rolling hastily through their streets toward the boundary that separated the eastern and western parts of their city.

Confounded citizens looked on as East German soldiers dug holes and tore up sidewalks, making way for barbed wire that would close off the dividing line. Armed troops manned the crossing points between the two sides and, by morning, a ring of Soviet soldiers surrounded the city. Overnight, the right to pass between the two sections of Berlin had ended.

Running through cemeteries and canals, criss-crossing through the city streets, the Berlin Wall was a shocking representation of the Iron Curtain that separated all of Europe between competing ideologies.

Berlin was always the centerpiece of the Cold War and on multiple occasions very nearly the front line of real combat. 

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Cold War
Private Tour

Step back in time and discover Cold War Berlin. Learn about life in divided Berlin, walk along the Berlin Wall and recount spy stories from the Cold War Capital. 


The Cold War
Private Guided Tour Itinerary

  • WWII & Germany's division
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Life in the DDR
  • Palace of Tears
  • The Formidable Russian Embassy & Soviet War Memorial
  • Former Berlin Ghost Stations
  • TV Tower & Alexanderplatz
  • Communist ideology, Propaganda, & Art
  • 17th June 1953 Uprising
  • Karl Marx Allee - Former Stalin Allee
  • Reichstag Parliament & German Reunification
  • Wall Tragedies & Escape Stories
4 Hours
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